About Us

In January 2018, the Public Health team at Milton Keynes Council invited the various health organisations, service providers and voluntary support to a workshop to have a conversation around the breastfeeding support being provided in the Milton Keynes area. Amongst various topics, we discussed how we might be able to offer more consistent up-to-date information to parents, and how we might be able to provide cohesive care when parents are accessing various channels of support.

We came together and agreed that forming a breastfeeding alliance, similar to alliance models formed in other areas around the country, would ensure that breastfeeding would remain a focal point of discussion in Milton Keynes. It would give us a platform to meet regularly to discuss service user feedback and to discuss how we can collectively provide a superior service to parents so that they might be better supported to reach their breastfeeding goals. This would in itself help the local area see a rise in successful breastfeeding rates, which would have a long-term knock on effect on the general well-being of the population.

The alliance would assist in ensuring that Milton Keynes University Hospital and the local Health Visitors/Children’s Centres continue to work toward obtaining the Baby Friendly Initiative accreditation from UNICEF.

Our Aims

  • To work collaboratively with local organisations involved in supporting breastfeeding mothers to ensure that provision is effective. To ensure that service user feedback is heard and where possible acted upon.
  • We wish to make breastfeeding seen as the biological norm. We aim to ensure that health organisations promote breastfeeding events.
  • We aim to raise awareness of the health benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child and the health risks of not breastfeeding. And to ensure that health care professionals are informed and able to effectively support mothers to meet their breastfeeding goals.
  • Breastfeeding Alliance Milton Keynes will work alongside Maternity MK to be part of the conversation around breastfeeding with Public Health, CCG, local health organisations, children and family services, voluntary services and private health care practitioners to ensure that the voice of the mother is heard.
  • Breastfeeding Alliance Milton Keynes will support and encourage the hospital, health visiting and children’s centres to continue to work to gain UNICEF accreditation and to improve breastfeeding rates in MK.

There are many of us that make up Breastfeeding Alliance Milton Keynes. The following is a list of organisations and professionals who support this project: