Breastfeeding Alliance Milton Keynes are currently working on organising a two day event celebrating parenting and breastfeeding to the max! The Breastfeeding Festival is a family friendly conference with informative and educational talks, food and merchandise stalls, children's activities, raffle prizes and a runway show that shows off some gorgeous breastfeeding friendly clothes! We are looking to celebrate diversity around breastfeeding whilst also educating around how we can reach out and better support those in under-represented and under-served communities.

The two day line-up is:
Friday, 13 Sept
9:00 Arrival
9:30 Welcome
9:40 Emma Pickett - What Everyone Needs to Know About Breasts & What Happens When we Don't
10:45 Maddie McMahon - Exploring the Forces at Work to Sabotage Mothers & Breastfeeding
11:45 Tea & Coffee Break
12:15 Ruth Dennison - Breastfeeding in the Black community: Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
13:15 Lunch
14:15 Vanessa Aparicio- Hancox - Supporting Migrant Parents through Immigration Centres and Into the Community
15:15 Tea & Coffee Break
15:30 Indira Lopez-Bassols - The Non-Latching Baby

Saturday, 14 Sept
9:00 Arrival
9:30 Welcome
9:40 Zainab Yate - Breastfeeding Agitation & Aversion
10:45 Mars Lord - Black & Birthing - A look at maternal and infant mortality
11:45 Tea & Coffee Break
12:15 Louise Oliver - The Importance of Diversity in Images - why we need diversity in our infant feeding images
13:15 Lunch
14:15 Fashion Show -showcasing breastfeeding friendly clothing
15:15 Tea & Coffee Break
15:30 Lyndsey Hookway - Infant Sleep

Tickets can be purchased at

This is a child friendly event and children are welcome into the auditorium with you, however they will not have a reserved seat unless one is purchased. An adult ticket allows you to bring one other adult to help you with your children on the day (they can hang out in the soft-play area where there will be a live feed of the auditorium talks), however only one of you will be allowed into the auditorium at any one time.

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Some of our event speakers are:

Emma Picket Emma Pickett - After a career as a Deputy Headteacher in central London, Emma initially trained with the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, qualifying as a breastfeeding counsellor with them in 2007. The ABM ( trains volunteers and professionals and co-runs the National Breastfeeding Helpline alongside the Breastfeeding Network. The #FeedOn photography and video project is part of the ABM’s 40th anniversary celebrations. Emma qualified as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) in 2011, recertifying in 2016. She has supported families at groups in North London for over a decade as a volunteer and answers calls on the helpline. Her book, “You’ve Got It In You: a positive guide to breastfeeding” was followed by “The Breast Book: a puberty guide with a difference – it’s the when, why and how of breasts” (published by Pinter and Martin in March 2019). She blogs at and her blog on the dangerous obsession with the infant feeding interval can be found on the UNICEF Baby Friendly site. She has two children and lives in London. You can find her on Twitter as @makesmilk.

Mars Lord Mars Lord - Award winning doula and birth activist Mars Lord has been a birth keeper for well over a decade. After attending the Paramana Doula course with Michel Odent and Lilliana Lammers, a spark was lit within her and the passion that she discovered for birth and supporting parents has fired her soul ever since. She has had the privilege of working with hundreds of families. A birth activist, with a desire to see the ‘colouring in of the landscape of birth’ and finding out the reasons for the maternal and neonatal morbidity rates amongst the BAME community, Mars created Abuela Doulas a doula preparation course primarily, but not exclusively, for women of colour. Her desire for reproductive justice led to the creation of the ‘Reproductive Justice Retreat’. Mars was recently recognised in the Mayor of London's Hidden Credits campaign and continues to speak out against cultural safety and reproductive justice.

Indira Lopez-Bassols Indira Lopez-Bassols - I have been involved in breastfeeding support for more than one decade. I became an accredited Breastfeeding Counsellor 10 years ago for La Leche League GB and support breastfeeding dyads in my community on a voluntary capacity co-leading Café La Leche Merton. As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant since 2011 I have a busy private clinical practice and I also work for the Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust as the Breastfeeding Specialist Consultant, leading a weekly clinic for complex breastfeeding dyads.

I am the Founder, Director and lead Lecturer of the Breastfeeding London Course, which prepares the future generations of IBCLCs in the UK.

In addition, I worked at Kings College Hospital 's Tongue Tie Clinic where I gained competence in frenulotomy, assessing anterior/posterior tongue ties and their impact on breastfeeding, post division breastfeeding support, and wound care post procedure. I am a member of the International Lactation Consultants Association(ILCA), Lactation Consultants Great Britain, the European Lactation Consultants Alliance, the US Lactation Consultants Association and IBFAN.

Maddie McMahon

Maddie McMahon is a doula, mentor, founder of Developing Doulas doula preparation course, Childbirth Educator and Breastfeeding Counsellor. She lives in Cambridge with her Fantastic Other Half, two adolescent children and a small, black and white cat. After careers in English teaching and publishing, becoming a doula was a vocation that has never stopped fascinating, challenging and intriguing her. Writing has been a life-long pleasure; as well as 2 books, published by Pinter and Martin (Why Doulas Matter and Why Mothering Matters), Maddie's musings can be read at

Ruth Dennison

Ruth Dennison has been supporting families for almost 15 years, with nearly a decade of that in a hospital environment. In 2015, she launched 1-2-1 Breastfeeding, and then came her decision to train as a doula with Abuela Doula. Ruth was responsible for bringing Black Breastfeeding Week to the UK in 2018 - something that was much needed and hugely popular.

Zainab Yate

Zainab Yate is the author of the resource site and has been a breastfeeding peer supporter for the NHS for a number of years. She actively supports mothers and families who struggle with aversion and campaigns to raise awareness of the phenomenon. In her professional capacity, she is a Biomedical Ethicist, Vice Chair of a Research Ethics Committee Panel for the Health Research Authority, and a Member of King’s College London Ethics and Policy Governance Board.

Lyndsey Hookway

Lyndsey Hookway is an experienced London-trained Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Holistic Sleep Coach and Birth Trauma Recovery Practitioner, with almost 20 years experience working with infants, children and families in hospitals, clinics, and the community. Lyndsey runs a busy International private practice offering one-to-one specialist support to families. She especially enjoys supporting families by bringing together infant feeding support, mental health and sleep optimization. Lyndsey is the author of Holistic Sleep Coaching and the co-founder of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program – an international online program aiming to educate health, lactation, childcare and sleep professionals about the importance of evidence-based, gentle care of babies and children.

Lousie Oliver

Louise Oliver is a Breastfeeding Counsellor, Peer Support Trainer and Doula who has been supporting families for the best part of a decade. She founded Diversity in Infant Feeding after noticing the distinct lack of diverse representation in the infant feeding world. The organisation aims to change how infant feeding is portrayed by promoting inclusivity and increasing representation through online platforms and an online image bank. She is also a Director of Early Nourishment CIC, a company that provides universally accessible services with the aim of improving families physical and mental wellbeing.

Louise will be speaking about the importance and impact of representation, as well as showcasing some fabulous images.